Fucked up in my head 
Lay down in my bed 
Touching your shirt 
You know I want you bad 
Watching you take off your pants 
You make me feel bad about myself 
I’m wasting my time,
I can’t be helped 
Swallow my cum 
I will make new friends 
Taking off my clothes 
Sober and aching I’m cold

I dwell on things that break my own heart, 
I think and think until I drink and drink, 
it’s the side of myself that I’m most comfortable with; 
the side of me that lets me sleep. 
I dwell on things to break my own heart 
because I could give a shit about how I think. 

I just keep hoping my brain, my heart, and my guts will stop 
don’t call me a coward when I say these things 
just be proud I’m not ashamed of who I am 
just be proud I’m not like you.