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YoumustdaiUboa: ok so im david (not real name) i am living with a great friend and we saw each other naked i have been huge friends with crystal (fake name) for about 2-3 years now and well here it starts / we are both 17 shes nearly 18ok so i just woke up and its now saturday around 6:30am-7:00am usally when i wake up i am now up and wide awake had my toast and watching austar, crystal is now awake and it is around 9:00 I think it was we both just sat back and relaxed talking to each other and watching t.v. after we have some good moments with the t.v. we both just went for a walk to get some lunch we both went to a cafe down the street she had some sort of salad with pasta or something I acculay don’t no what it was and I had a ham and cheese with tomatoes toasty ha-ha wasn’t Hungary much it was now around12:00 am-1:00 pm we also went for a long walk and such around Millicent we both got home and I remember that it was 1:35 am crystal had a hair appointment at 1:45 so she walked there I was just pla

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YoumustdaiUboa: I was just playing on her Laptop (Need for speed world) she got home im not sure what time but lets say 2:25 (I forget time) she was at her house again she said to me “ david im going to have a bath now Please don’t bother me” im said “ok” nothing complicated she was in there for along time so I thought I would go to the toilet (the thing is there to ways to get to the bathroom thought toilet door or bathroom door in she was in there for awhile I accualy forgot that she was in there and I walked straight in there the thing is that she just got out and she was cleaning herself I went thought the door and I saw her fully naked we stared at each others for about 10-15 seconds I don’t know what she was thinking but I was thinking “OH S**T what did I just walk into” she slapped me and called me a pervert I faced the wall because she gave me a erection I think see saw it in my pants get bigger so I faced the wall for some reason she didn’t tell me to get out as long as I faced the wall so I

YoumustdaiUboa: I faced the wall for some reason she didn’t tell me to get out as long as I faced the wall so I did and i said “im sorry I forgot you were in here and that I didn’t mean to barge in and such and such” she Said that she has to do something and may I please get out she seemed calmed but angry at same time I told her “ill be in my room for 15 minutes don’t come in thanks” so I did I still had a erection so I did what I thought was a good idea and I (well you know I did it over her that sounds wired) while I was doing it nothing came out so I kept doing it I don’t know why it has been about 10 minutes i was listening to music pretty loud so I did not notice but crystal came in she yelled “WHAT ARE YOU DOING”I got caught I quickly put the blankets over me she was a bit grossed out about that cause there were her blankets I was using to sleep with I said to her “what the f**k why did you come in” she said “you did it to me” I said back “by accident” ( i was in my room but i was using her bl

YoumustdaiUboa: i was using her blankets) she said same with her I asked her if she could face the wall she did I put my clothes back on even thought its still swoing in my pants and she mumbled what a day its been.

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